eTeacher Language Learning

eTeacher is the world's foremost online language academy.

eTeacher Online Study Students participate in a virtual classroom and learn from certified, native instructors located half a world away. The hallmarks of eTeacher's language courses are live online instruction, flexible hours, and the convenience of learning from home or office. Since 2001, thousands of eTeacher graduates, from over a hundred countries, have acquired a new language. eTeacher is a portfolio company of Pamoja Capital, a Swiss private investment firm that believes in creating value through long-term, socially responsible global investments in various areas, including education.

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How We Teach

Live – meaning online, interactive, real teacher

Online Lesson at eTeachereTeacher's language lessons are conducted live and online, by a certified native instructor located half a world away. Students use their personal computer to log in to a virtual classroom and participate in a lesson.


The bi-directional interaction provides the immediacy, intimacy and effectiveness of a physical classroom, while providing the flexibility and comfort of study from home or office.
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Our Teachers

Certification – high level, native, from the language country

Our TeacherseTeacher brings the best and most professional native teachers to students anywhere in the world. When we teach Chinese, for example, we employ professional Chinese teachers from Beijing. When we teach Hebrew, we bring our students the best Hebrew teachers from Israel.

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