Biblical Hebrew teachers


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eTeacher is looking for English/Portuguese/French/Spanish/Korean speaking Biblical Hebrew teachers with high teaching abilities who are willing to work in a hightech learning environment.


eTeacher established the

program, providing structured courses to students all over the world who wish to learn Hebrew as it was spoken in biblical times. The students will gain understanding of and appreciation for biblical texts in their original language. eTeacher also offers accredited Biblical Hebrew courses by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The program is headed by Dr. Ohad Cohen of the Hebrew University, an award winning teacher and scholar in the field of Biblical Hebrew and eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew Director.


Job Description

Teaching Biblical Hebrew in groups through the internet from home.
Each group meets once a week for 55 minutes.
Part time position.


Job Requirements

2-3 academic years studying Biblical Hebrew.
BA in Semitic studies.
Background in Jewish studies.
Native Spanish/English/Portuguese/French/Korean speaker or at a teaching level.
MA in Bible studies - an advantage.
Experience in Hebrew teaching - an advantage.
ADSL internet connection.
Good English or Hebrew communication skills


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